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Need For Speed Heat (For Pc)

The noises of the engines and exhausts are crisp and clear, while the tire squeals and gear shifts are also perfectly balanced. This pairs well with the modern graphics to make this 2017 release one of the best sounding and best-looking sims on the market. GT Sport is also another racing sim where an emphasis on customization is heavily felt.

However, the other games on the list also do a really good job of reflecting what racing in real life involves and the way it looks, sounds, and feels. These games vary by price, but they are all of extremely high quality and do well to represent the finer details of real-life racing. Although the game is free, it doesn’t feel quite as realistic as the games above it on the list and so is placed at number 6. However, for those on a tight budget, RaceRoom is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of realistic sim racing. Finally, we have RaceRoom, which is a free-to-play simulator, which makes it unique on this list.

Although not as technologically advanced as many of the other games here, it is still one that puts a focus on realism more than a lot of other racing titles out there. First released in 2013, the game has seen several updates and it is a lesser-known title with a lot to offer. Although limited to offline play, the VR experience is one way to add some extra realism to this already brilliant game. The PS4 VR mode will allow you to see everything around you as you turn your head, just as if you were on the track in real life. The game also does very well to represent the sounds of the real cars.

Shift 2 is really dedicated to communicating the fun and accomplishment of performance driving, and it succeeds admirably. You can take part in traditional races, seasonal championships, co-op campaigns, stunt jumps, and endurance tests in a variety of speedy and stylish vehicles ranging from modified Winzip transit vans to one-off hypercars. Coast around the British countryside and get your hands on classic cars, and yes, there’s a James Bond Car pack that gives you a choice of iconic Aston Martins.


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This is a wildly overused visual effect but Shift 2 uses it to highlight where your attention should be. When someone is coming up fast on your tail, objects farther away get a bit fuzzier while your mirrors sharpen to razor clarity. As you move around in dense traffic, your cockpit gets indistinct while the cars around you come into focus. It sounds gimmicky, but it all feels as natural as driving a car in real life.

As you’ll find in our Forza Horizon 4 PC review is quite the road trip. Don’t go asking, “How could you forget about Grand Prix Legends! ” When versions of those games surface on Steam or GOG, we’ll be the first in line to play them again… and inevitably find they haven’t aged as well as we hoped. So for those of you who are just looking to hop in and fire up the engine of a superb racer, whether that’s an intricate sim or an arcade thriller, we’ve got some breakneck PC racers for you. The study didn’t actually test driving competence in relation to video game playing, but the idea is easily analogized to on-road performance.